Non-Geographical Rescues

The Rescues listed here are not based in one geographical area but use foster homes all over the country.
Friends of the Animals RCT
An animal rescue based in South Wales, working and re-homing across the UK.
Work Phone: 07570467308 Website: Friends of the Animals RCT
Categories: Rescues F
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Hope Rescue
Hope Rescue works with pounds, strays and unwanted dogs finding rescue placements or rehoming throughout the UK.
Website: Hope Rescue
Categories: Rescues H
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Little Dog Rescue
We are a small UK based rescue catering for small breeds.
Work Phone: 07737 090580 Website:
Categories: Rescues L
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Oldies Club
The Oldies Club helps older dogs find forever homes
Work Phone: 0844 586 8656. Website: Oldies Club
Categories: Rescues O
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