Why Train your Dog?

    The things a dog learns in life, just like a child will shape the adult dog.   Puppies which are undersocialised often grow into nervous, or aggressive adult dogs unless their owners undertake additional training.  This is not to say that old dogs don’t learn new tricks – they do, it simply means that the owner needs to learn how to teach them!
    Here at Dog Rescue World we encourage all owners to train their dogs using modern methods that do not use pain or coercion.  The results gained in training your dog using these methods will give you a much happier dog.
    Some of our members are trained behaviourists and have written articles which are shared here, to help you in your day to day training.  This does not mean you should not seek out the help of a local trainer, and we provide links to organizations which verify that your trainer will use positive methods.
    Most importantly get fun out of training your dog!  Many owners enjoy a great social life at their local dog club, and can take part in competitions such as fly ball and agility.   An active dog which uses it’s intelligence is always the happiest dog.
    Good luck in training your dog (and being trained by your dog!).
NB Our thanks to Rupert at Off The Leash for allowing us to use one of his wonderful cartoons. To view more of his incredible work click on the highlighted text to visit his FB site.
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